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Congratulations! You’ve found a magic shop! Maybe you didn't hear about Missladydress before, but here is the chance for us to make an introduction to you. Missladydress is a growing brand rooted in stylish bridesmaid dresses. We are dedicated to designing 300+ styles of bridesmaid dresses to meet your expectations. From classic styles, such as knee-length, court train or V-neck, to fashionable styles, such as halter, 3/4 sleeves and so on. If you are worried about which size should choose, we can provide you a free customize service. Just send your measurements to us to get a tailored dress! All of our dresses are available in 60+ colors and all sizes. Dazzling dresses in burgundy, dusty blue and other popular colors will melt your heart. Last but not the least, budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses for around $100 cost less but look better. Come here and find your dreamy dresses! Missladydress will make your big day be more gorgeous!

This is why you should choose Missladydress 

  • 150+ stunning styles with excellent quality
    • Missladydress has come up with 150+ styles. Here are detailed guidelines to lead you to your favorable dresses. Do you want a playful wedding? So, knee-length will be your undeniable choice. Or are you going to hold a modern-day? Then you should pick up halter or off-the-shoulder, they are the symbols of elegance. Perhaps you need a traditional ceremony? Dresses with sleeves match that perfectly! Here are even various dresses in different sleeves length! In short, you may fell heart-broken when you start to browse our shop. Because there are so many brilliant dresses! But you can just own a few of them. 
  • AFFORDABLE dresses relieve your budget stress
    • You must have found that things are running out of your control. You prepare an adequate budget when you start planning your wedding. But during this period, trifles put stress on the budget. At this point, Missladydress comes for you. Our bridesmaid dresses are charged from $79. It's just half of the price of those in shops but with the same qualities. That means you will get 2 or even 3 dresses at the price of ONE! What a bargain! How can you miss that?


  • FREE swatches to confirm color and material 
    • When you are going to shop bridesmaid dresses online, there are must be some problems niggling away at you. How about the real look of the color? And how does the material feel like? These questions are reasons we provide free swatches for you. In Missladydress, you can order swatches with colors and materials you like, then they will be delivered to you immediately. If you're satisfied with them, you can take an order of our alluring bridesmaid dresses. At the same time, we will refund you the payment for your swatches including the shipping. You don't even need to go outside during the process, so this will save much of time for you to deal with your other wedding details.


  • INSTANT customer service solve your urgency
    • No matter how many questions you have, Missladydress is always here. From inquiry to after-sale, we will try the best to be your problems-solver. All questions can be answered as soon as possible. You can contact us through our e-mail or other social medias. Here is our e-mail: service@missladydress.com. And you will browse our social media homepages on the bottom of our website.


  • AMAZING accessories you need to improve on perfection
    • To build a one-stop shopping, we have new arrivals of accessories. You must have been attracted by glamorous wedding veils in 80+ styles. Your wedding dream will come true when you wear the dreamy veil in tulle or lace. Colorful petals falling on your veils, your lover is waiting for you with the happiest smile. That's such a beautiful picture beyond words. Oh! Wait! You lover forgot a tie! So don't forget choose one also.

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